‘…Slow Recoil is a winner, hitting all the right notes…A must-read for 2011.’

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Reviewed by Don Graves January 29, 2011

C.B. Forrest’s Recoil, his second novel, is a winner, hitting all the right notes to successfully support his growing presence in the Canadian mystery genre.

Detective McKelvey is not thriving on forced retirement, the result of his meddling into the investigation of his son’s murder. Winning friends and influencing people are not his strong suit.

A friend’s recent lover goes missing. Foul play is suspected.

Bodies and clues pile up and local cops, the killer and Interpol turn McKelvey into a suspect and target, catapulting him into a circle of retribution that is skilful, obsessive and deadly.

The Weight of Stones and now Slow Recoil illustrate a raw but sensitive new police-procedural series is maturing, one brimming with explosive twists fired by superior writing.

A must-read for 2011.–extreme-violins-in-hamilton-sorry-dundurn