The Weight of Stones

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Toronto at the close of 1999.

It is a time of change. The world holds its breath as the clock rolls to a new millennium. But Metro Hold-Up Squad Detective Charlie McKelvey’s life is stuck on pause since the murder of his runaway son, Gavin.

As his wife focuses on healing, McKelvey is burdened with guilt for his role in kicking the teen out of the family home—and his inability to move the case to resolution despite his being a police officer.

Obsessed with the stalled murder investigation, McKelvey’s behavior becomes increasingly unhinged. He is convinced the person responsible for the murder is an ex-convict named Pierre Duguay—a displaced Quebec biker sent to Toronto to establish a chapter of a large South American biker gang, The Blades.

The question is, does McKelvey have the right man or is he blinded by his grief?

When unexpected illness forces McKelvey’s early retirement—and his wife heads to the west coast to live with a relative—the conditions are finally ripe for McKelvey to focus entirely on his plans for revenge.

The Weight of Stones holds a magnifying glass over the circumstances which force us to look deep within ourselves and evaluate our true nature. The novel explores the daily and random decisions we make and their consequences as it stares into the heart of grief and sees the impact violent crime has on all of us.

‘A psychological thriller that will keep readers on the edges of their seats …’
– The Midwest Book Review

“… a literate work that will resonate with readers.”
– The Sherbrooke Record

“… eloquent and precise.”
– The London Free Press

“I couldn’t put it down. It’s a must read …”
– The Hamilton Spectator