Slow Recoil

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Former Toronto Hold-Up Squad Detective Charlie McKelvey is puttering through the first year of his forced retirement. His tedious life is torn wide open when a friend enlists his help in locating a recent Bosnian immigrant named Donia Kruzik. The friend, Tim Fielding, had just begun a relationship with the woman when she suddenly disappears without a trace and Fielding suspects foul play. McKelvey is quickly drawn into the case as the bodies and clues pile up. When the body of an unidentified woman turns up in Fielding s apartment and Fielding is nowhere to be found McKelvey finds himself the prime suspect in an increasingly obscure murder investigation.The streets of Toronto come alive as McKelvey attempts to balance his collapsing personal life with his obsessive mission to find his friend and clear his own name. From the first page to its explosive ending, Slow Recoil picks up where the critically acclaimed The Weight of Stones left off.

“An excellent sequel … a solid plot and excellent use of Toronto’s fame ethnic diversity.”
– The Globe and Mail

“Brimming with explosive twists and fired by superior writing.”
– The Hamilton Spectator

“Slow Recoil hits the mark …”
– Kanata Kourier-Standard