2016 Shamus Award nominee


The Runaway Girl From Portland, Oregon — the second in a series to be published by Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine — is nominated for a 2016 Shamus Award. The story is one of twelve featuring the same lead character that spans the time between 1966 and 1980 in the Central Valley of California. Working title: In The Valley of the Brokenhearted 

Slow Recoil

Former Toronto Hold-Up Squad Detective Charlie McKelvey is puttering through the first year of his forced retirement. (more…)

The Devil’s Dust

“Devil’s Dust is a tour de force, the crime fiction trifecta: perfectly plotted whodunit, first-rate thriller and beautifully crafted novel. The end is stunning!”
– Tim Wynne-Jones, author of Blink & Caution and two-time Governor General Award Winner (more…)

The Weight of Stones

Toronto at the close of 1999.

It is a time of change. The world holds its breath as the clock rolls to a new millennium. (more…)