Hangover At Sunrise

Sometimes it’s not what you do, but what you fail to do. An oversight that seems insignificant at the time can mean the difference between life and death. (more…)

“As a writer you make your own weather”: Eoin McNamee

Irish crime writer Eoin McNamee on style, voice, and the imperative to be renegade (more…)

Pinky Promise

Short fiction originally published August 2011 in Issue #21, Bloodlotus Journal (more…)

Searching for Buddha Between the Bars of the Cage

To know absolute loss, to suffer real guilt, to look back on how you have betrayed most of what you thought of as decent and good (more…)

Available in June 2013

Available in June 2013

‘Hangover at Sunrise’
A brand new short story by CB Forrest
in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

CBC: Author C.B. Forrest on meth & murder

There’s no shortage of drugs in C.B. Forrest’s latest crime novel The Devil’s Dust. The one that everyone in the book is most concerned about is crystal meth — and the effect it’s having on one mining town. (more…)

EMC News: The Devil’s Dust ends trilogy on a high note

EMC news – Glen Cairn author C.B. Forrest released the third and final novel in the Charlie McKelvey trilogy on Tuesday, June 12.

The Devil’s Dust follows McKelvey as he travels to his hometown of Ste. Bernadette, a small mining town in northern Ontario. 

The novel is a poignant story of a man coming to terms with the choices he’s made in life – without being predictable or preachy. (more…)

Publishers Weekly Review: …Forrest’s exceptional third Charlie McKelvey novel

Unusual conviction revitalizes familiar material in Arthur Ellis Award–finalist Forrest’s exceptional third Charlie McKelvey novel


The accomplished poet and editor Stuart Ross couldn’t be any busier this spring. He took a few minutes out of his cross-Ontario travels to speak with me about a lifetime with words.

CB: You were first published at sixteen. Using all of my fingers and toes, that means you’ve been writing and publishing for close to 40 years. This is a tough and cruel business. What’s kept you going?

SR: Now, about that forty years is really thirty-six years. At least, in terms of publishing. I’d been writing for four or five years before I was published.

What’s kept me going? A few things come to mind. 1) I’ve gotten some encouragement, and I’m very fortunate in that. (more…)